Friday, April 18, 2014

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Hey what's up tattoo lovers!!!Lately I've been receiving a bunch of emails and the majority of them have got one common point which is " hey Ihab.... i wanna have a tattoo but i have no idea about  the design..."

You see, when you wanna have a tattoo you wanna make it EPIC and awesome so when girl see it they'll be like : "oh so cute I love it " and you're friends will be like : "damn dude so cool ,where did you get that tattoo". 

But before that , you have to choose between to kind of tattoos :

The old school ( tattoo with simple black ink but still killing it ), or the new school: watercolor tattoo (tattoo with colorful ink and stuff ). After choosing your type of tattoo here it comes the biggest headache and the hardest decision to make "choosing your tattoo's design".
So as a lot of people asked me to help them about that, I've been searching on the net for killer and awesome designs , and finally i found the best solution :

Miami Ink Tattoo Design 

Here is some awesome tattoo and watercolor tattoo's designs pictures ( click here to access to 25.000 design)

What you should know about Miami Ink Tattoo Designs  is  once you have it you got access to more than 25.000 tattoo designs, it means that it's hard to find a tattoo like yours ( so your tattoo is kind o unique isn't that awesome)

Briefly if you are looking for some amazing designs and you're confused and you don't know what to pick, buy Miami Ink Tattoo Designs .

That's it for today's article, see you soon.


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