Thursday, May 1, 2014

Posted by Ihab Bayoussef |
Hello watercolor tattoo lovers ! Sorry I didn't write any articles since a long time because i was too busy with some projects and stuff, but finally today I'm here  and I got some sick tips , informations and designs for you and the best thing is they are all 100% for free ( because I love you mother fu***s HAHAHAHAHAHA).

(If you doon't have the time to read the whole article just click on the button down below to download the designs )

Well some people when they want get a tattoo they are confused about the design:  you know there are  tonnes of  designs and pictures out there and all these sellers who are trying to convince you and sell you some shitty expensive  tattoo designs that you don't like and you don't need . So why spending tonnes of money on something ugly that you don't like . That's why I'm here today, I got the perfect solution for you.

But first , I know the reason behind you want to have a tattoo, it's just  because you want to have the perfect sexy look ( oh yeah one months for summer ), you want to have that shinny tattoo on your back or your sexy legs ( if you are a lady of course LOL) you want to impress guys/girl on the beach or in a party when you're shirtless.

OK enough talking here is some designs :

Just imagine with me how much cool you will be if you have one of those tattoos, i can guaranty you that if you take off your shirt or you have your tatt visible and you walk down the street, I'm pretty sure that people will stop you and ask where did you get it , because it's simply FU**** AWSOME !!!

Now let me show you some great designs that i found for you ( thank me later guys lol )

In brief you want the designs and i got them, all you have to do is just to click on the button down below to have access to all of the designs, get it hein  ;) ??? DON'T THINK ABOUT IT TWICE JUST CLICK ON THE BUTTON

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